GMS is cooperating with several large companies with their own know how.


The cylinder is made of fiberglass composite and plastic, and is light in weight and transparent to detect the level of gas in the cylinder.



Advantages and profits


Ø       Non  Explosive Cylinder

Ø       Costs 50% less than competitors

Ø       Client has own logo options embossed text

Ø       Reduce transport cost (20T-14T) by 30 %

Ø       No re-painting of cylinder

Ø       No dents or rust on cylinder housing

Ø       Easy to clean

Ø       Recycleable

Ø       Carbon Fooprints & Credits

Ø       Consumer friendly product with “State of the Art Design

Ø       Stackable

Ø       Own Patents  & Trademarks

Ø       Existing  LOIs  x  2.5 M Cylinders



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